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Welcome to PRO-GLUE – Glue for the industrial trade
The industry’s preferred supplier within glue and adhesives.

PRO-GLUE is a Danish owned company providing wet and hot-melt adhesives to industries around the world.

Bookbinding industry
Brewing industry
Packing industry
Hygiene industry
Food industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Construction industry
Mounting industry
Filter industry

The company is one among very few Danish manufacturers of industrial glue and, as a matter of fact, the sole remaining Danish manufacturer of casein and dextrin glue. We are suppliers of glue to industrial customers all over the world. Be it large or smaller volumes, we supply the right quality, at the right time
PRO-GLUE’s niche in the market is the design of glue according to each individual requirement, thus securing the optimal production for our customer.

PRO-GLUE A/S is rated at Bisnode Credit Rating

We are a creditworthy company and assessed pursuant to the Bisnode Credit Rating system.
The rating is based on a number of different decision rules.

The information is subject to daily updating via Bisnode’s database.
Thus our company’s credit rating is always continuously updated.

Vi er en kreditværdig virksomhed baseret på Bisnodes kreditvurderingssystem. Vurderingen er foretaget ud fra en mængde forskellige beslutningsregler. Oplysningerne bliver opdateret dagligt via Bisnodes database. Kreditvurderingen af virksomheden er således altid aktuel.

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