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As a supplier of glue to the breweries since 1941, PRO-GLUE is highly experienced, with considerable insight gained from our huge experience base. Our three main areas within the brewery industry comprise wet-label glue for the labelling of both glass and PET bottles, bottle coating and hot-melt glue for labelling as well as for gluing together trays or beer crates.


               “It’s more than a bottle – It’s your brand”

Casein glue
Casein glue is first and foremost used for labelling within the brewery trade and for the labelling of tins and jars.

The casein (milk protein) facilitates the manufacturing of label glue with unique properties meeting the particular requirements within these areas.

              “Today, our label glue is based on casein, dextrin, starch and hot-melt or synthetic glue”

Adhesive, waterproof and cleaning properties constitute important parameters within labelling.
We are highly experienced in tailoring glue properties for compliance with the considerable requirements resulting from the extremely fast machine speed in combination with labelling and the materials applied.

Today, our label glue is based on casein, dextrin, starch and hot-melt or synthetic glue for the labelling of glass, PET or metal containers as well as paper packaging. We know about most label qualities, and we know how to make them stick.


Dextrin glue
Dextrin glue is well suited for the lamination of cardboard and pasteboard as for the labelling of absorbing surfaces. Dextrin glue is available as water-borne and in powder form. High wet tack and high dry-matter content constitute excellent properties for dextrin glue.
Dextrin is a refined starch product. Our product range comprises pure dextrin glue types as well as PVAc-enhanced varieties.

         “Our products are tailor-made to match the customer’s process”

Dispersion glue

Dispersion glue
Water-borne dispersion glue has a wide area of application within a number of industries.
The most common types of dispersion glue consist of polymer dispersion based on diverse plastic materials.
There are special varieties of dispersion such as e.g.: acrylic-based tape adhesives which will remain self-adhesive when dry. A mixed dispersion for the labelling of disposable bottles as for instance PET.

Water-mixed dispersion glue is frequently referred to as cold glue. As the name suggests, application most often takes place without heating up the glue which hardens when the water evaporates or is absorbed.

Our products are tailor-made to the customer’s process with respect to application properties, gluing, and drying times.


Fusion adhesive (hot melt)
We provide a wide range of hot melt adhesives. Hot melt is useful in connection with specific label types and for diverse container types such as glass, PET, metal, cardboard, etc. The glue can be supplied as pastilles or in blocks of meltable foil.

The PRO-GLUE consultants have considerable experience as regards existing labelling machines; and – in case assistance is needed – just contact us.
We are always prepared to help.

Our standard label-glue programme can be downloaded here.

Available in Danish, Swedish and English (as PDF file)


  • Download Dansk udgave

  • Download Svensk Udgave

  • Download Engelsk udgave




Bottle coating

You can now multiply the life span of your bottles.

PRO-GLUE’S Bottle coating 5810 removes signs of wear and tear. PRO-GLUE’S Bottle coating is an emulsion of paraffin oil and water. Recyclable empties of glass or PET bottles, normally applied by the brewery industry, will frequently have a protective outer coating to camouflage scratching and scoffing. Unfortunately such protection will disappear after the initial rinsing; and, likewise, scratching may occur in the course of the process. Using PRO-GLUE’S Bottle Coating, you can multiply the life span of the bottle.

Camouflage coating – Removes signs of wear and tear – Multiply the life-span of your bottle

The coating is applied as a thin layer of surface coating in order to recreate the glasslike appearance. The coating will be completely dry after 48 hours.
The coating is applicable on wet as dry bottles with or without label.

Product advantages: – Prolongs the life span! Also acts as a friction agent on belts – Ready for use – Does not require mixing – Cost saving!

Technical advantages: – No deposits or wear and tear – No production-line stoppage – No negative effect as to looks, machinery, glue or labels. Application equipment is standard for certain of KRONE’s labelling-machine models.

To maintain an even quality at all times, the bottle coating is ready-mixed when supplied


Download our Bottle-Coating brochure.

Available in English (as PDF file)


  • Download Engelsk udgave



Now, our Bottle Coating 5850 is also available as a concentrate; and the coating has been particularly developed for our export customers! The bottle coating, supplied as a concentrate, simply requires dilution with water in a 1:4 scale. This means considerable saving as regards freight charges.


In case you have any questions or tasks to be solved, do not hesitate to contact us. We shall, of course, always be at your service.


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