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Quality policy

The PRO-GLUE A/S quality policy

For PRO-GLUE to be successful, and to remain so, it is important that our products and services always meet – or surpasses – our customers’ expectations.

We will, at all times, develop and supply products and deliveries of the agreed quality, at the agreed price and on the date agreed upon.

PRO-GLUE’s quality policy expresses our goals and objectives as regards quality. We will continuously update our intermediate goals in order that we can continue to meet our overall quality objectives. For this purpose, we have established a set of focus areas which are important in order that we can achieve our goals. The focus areas are as follows:

We shall:

  • Deliver quality products that meet the information contained in our technical specifications and in the safety data sheets.
  • Secure the continuous improvement and development of our quality system
  • Ensure the continued education and training of our employees
  • Improve and optimise processes to reduce costs, etc.
  • Continuously evaluate our products/formula and strive to ensure that our products will exert the least possible impact on the environment.
  • Check with the customers whether our quality meets their expectations and requirements
  • React swiftly to customers’ desires and requirements
  • Make sure that our employees have an extensive knowledge about our customers’ processes enabling them to provide advice and guidance in the best way imaginable.


With kind regards,

Jørgen Thaulov
Managing Director


In case you have any questions or tasks to be solved, do not hesitate to contact us. We shall, of course, always be at your service.

ISO date of issue: 15-04-2015/Managing Director

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