Pro-glue, Lim i verdensklasse


At PRO-GLUE, production and innovation are keywords!
Founded in the early 40s, PRO-GLUE A/S has built up 70-odd years of solid knowledge within the development, production and marketing of
adhesives for packaging, displays and component assembly.

Its provision of the combination of wet and hot-melt glue for the industry makes PRO-GLUE a unique collaborative partner, guaranteeing synergy in all directions.


Proglues udvikling af lim til industrien

On an annual basis, we invest considerable amounts in the development and research of new adhesive products. Our development department is constantly striving to maintain and further develop existing products, in order that we can be competitive in a dynamic global environment. In addition, we allocate significant resources to the development of our existing product portfolio.


Over the years, we have acquired considerable knowledge about most machines, and we shall be pleased to make both glue and staff available for a trial run.

On a daily basis, our development laboratory develops specific solutions for our customers. We are pleased to be able to provide such service to everyone who values quality and personal service.

For specific development queries, please contact R&D Manager: Steen Seier Karlsen

If you have concrete questions as regards new development or concerning current products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We shall, of course, always be at your service.


Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or tasks. We shall, of course, always be at your service.

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