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PRO-GLUE A/S is located 35 km south of Copenhagen in the town of Lille Skensved. It is a privately owned production and trading business founded in the early forties.

For the last 70-odd years, the company has developed, manufactured and marketed glue, adhesives and bottle coatings of the highest quality to industrial customers all over the world.

Bookbinding industry
Brewing industry
Packing industry
Hygiene industry
Food industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Construction industry
Mounting industry
Filter industry

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Every year, we invest considerably in the research and development of glue products. The company’s R&D department works hard to maintain and improve existing products in order to remain competitive in a dynamic global environment. Moreover, significant resources are dedicated to add new products to our existing portfolio.

On a daily basis, our R&D department develops specific solutions to comply with the requirements of individual customers, and they are always at your disposal – pleased to assist you who hold quality and personal service in high esteem.

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PRO-GLUE´s consultants have been selected on the basis of their knowledge about the market and their ability to provide the high levels of service to be expected from a world-class supplier.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or tasks. We shall, of course, always be at your service.

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